Need a Game Plan on How to Find 1-Rep Max? Keep reading!

When building up to a 1-Rep Max, it is EXTREMELY important to do so while avoiding unnecessary fatigue accumulation… it can be super easy to nervously complete too many reps/sets while warming up, tire out your body, and then accidentally bamboozle yourself and not hit the weights you could have / should have because ya already emptied the tank. It’s a fine line: you absolutely DO want to warm up, as taking super big jumps and not warming up properly could put you at risk of injury, etc — but you DO also want to be fresh and ready to empty the tank (:

Consider a game plan of something like this: **
50% x 6-8 reps
70% x 3-4 reps
80% x 1-2 reps
90% x 1 rep
93-96% x 1 rep
102% x 1 rep
105% x 1 rep

** percentages based of estimated/projected max

To go more specific, let’s say you expect/hope to hit a 300 lb Deadlift:
50% = 150 x 6-8 reps
70% = 210 x 3-4 reps
80% = 240 x 1-2 reps
90% = 270 x 1 rep
93% = 280 x 1 rep
96% = 290 x 1 rep
And so on, until you find your max


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