How to Get 10,000 Steps at a Desk Job

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Are you a total badass who’s glued to their desk all day long for work? Netting 8-10k steps can seem a daunting, but it’s not as hard as ya think!

Why 8-10k steps? While it’s great to spend 30-60 min in the gym, it’s arguably more important how we spend the OTHER 23 hrs of the day. We don’t actually burn as many calories as we might think in the gym (:

If we’re chasing better physique, the answer also might not necessarily be to work out more, but rather MOVE more in ways that aren’t super strenuous on the body – like walking!

They say the average person nets 4,000-5,000 steps. But studies show the sweet spot for health purposes may actually fall around 7,500. So where does the 10,000 steps idea come from?

It’s simply just a little “rounded-up” insurance policy that we’re living an active and healthy life.

For clients, our suggestion is usually 8-10k. But in a way that’s encouraging them to organically move more. If we’re obsessing over our watch & frantically pacing around the house “trying to get those steps,” we’re missing the point.

Easy ways to get more steps even if working a desk job:
•Start and end your day with a 15-20 minute walk.
•Eat lunch and then go for a walk and get some sunshine during your lunch break.
•Take the stairs rather than the elevator.
•Park farther away.
•If possible go for a walk while on work calls, rather than sitting at your desk.
•Take the long route when cruising to the bathroom, printer, or to chat with your boss.
•Have a timer on your phone or laptop that goes off every hour to remind so you stand up, stretch, and take a quick lap around the office.
•Consider reaching out to your team/co-workers to start an office-wide step challenge
•Rather than driving, is it possible to walk or ride a bike to work? If out running errands, can you take the 15-20 minute walk vs the 7-8 minute drive?
•When you leave the office and go to the gym, go for a 400m walk before and after the workout.
•Rather than sitting to rest between steps, keep moving and walk around the gym before the next lift.
•If you wanted an excuse to get a puppy.. dogs make a great and easy reason to get more steps (;

As someone that lives in Downtown Austin, I hardly ever drive my car. I average about 12-15k as I walk absolutely everywhere. Even when it’s 100+ outside (which is most of the time, haha).

Worth mentioning that for every 2-3k steps you net, you’ll likely need more food! Walking may not seem super strenuous, but you will indeed burn more calories.

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