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Super great question. A super common question.

We can’t diet forever. We can’t walk around lean 24/7/365, either. ⁣When food is consistently insufficient (which is what is required to lose fat), we’re also losing muscle. There’s no way to lose JUST fat and not lose muscle. And at some point, the body is just going to start eating up muscle, too.⁣

At some point, we’re also going to be pissed because we’ll be lifting baby weights in the gym, not seeing strength gains, and slowly but surely feeling like the hottest of garbage as our thyroid/sex hormones cruise on the decline.⁣

We need regular growing seasons where we eat all the food, smash heavyweights, & try to put muscle on our frame. ⁣And I’m not talking about a weekend of cheat meals – but a few consistent MONTHS of eating in a surplus.⁣

Ok. So you know you can’t diet forever. You know you need to get strong. But you’re still terrified as fck to gain weight/put on size.⁣ One thing I’ve gotten in the habit of regularly asking myself is: “How is what I’m doing working for me” — then proceeding to make adjustments accordingly ⁣I think unfortunately, a lot of people have to learn the hard way & hit rock bottom before they’re willing to step outta the diet rabbit-hole.⁣ We don’t make a change & try eating more food, until we no longer have a choice.⁣

It’s not until we see absence of menstrual cycles⁣, irregular periods, thyroid issues, gut issues, cortisol issues, non-existent sex drive, lack of mental clarity, low hormone levels, and feel like total shit – that we decide to do better.

This is your reminder to eat the damn food. Summer may be coming, but ya girl is feeling teeny these days. So I’ll be slamming my food back up to the 2800-3,000+ calorie land and getting strong the next few months. ⁣

Need more help with this concept? I cover the topic of how to get stronger and gain more muscle thoroughly in my 150-page ebook, The Badass Guide to Fat Loss, Gaining, & Maintaining. ⁣

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