How To Track Macros At Restaurants

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Tracking macros at restaurants can feel overwhelming if we’re not a seasoned pro with a few months of food logging under our belt. Which makes sense: it takes experience and repetition to build a fairly accurate “eyeball” on portion sizes. Let’s shorten the learning curve, because eating out doesn’t HAVE to lead to the “well f*ck it” mentality

Couple Different Options & Strategies:
⚡️Don’t Track: It’s unrealistic to be tracking every single meal every single day, forever

Regularly scheduled untracked meals may relieve stress, improve adherence, and give us a mental break. The goal is to build freedom via food, so this may be worth of implementing on the regular. Worth noting that an ‘untracked meal’ should allow us to be loose & more flexible, but hopefully shouldn’t be the green light to go on a food bender either.

A good viewing lens may simply be framing “Will I feel good about this decision at a future date?” (ex: meat/veggies + a bomb dessert vs. nachos/beer/dessert). And hey – sometimes we just want pizza! So look at the bigger picture for the day and try to balance things out. Have a couple of slices of high-quality pizza at dinner, but don’t be afraid to load up on lots of protein and veggies at breakfast and lunch.

⚡️Travel Scale: $15 on Amazon can buy us piece of mind on tracking. Only weird if ya make it weird!

⚡️Phone a Waiter and Use Your Hands: Restaurants ABSOLUTELY know their protein sizes as meat is expensive, so don’t be shy to ask a waiter about portion sizes. @precisionnutrition has numerous guides on using hands as measuring tools. And again, the simpler a meal is, the easier it will be to accurately track.

⚡️Make Your Own Meal: As a paying customer, don’t be afraid to be creative & see if the kitchen will let you mix-and-match items on the menu. Meat from one entree, veggies from another, carbs from another- definitely don’t know unless you ask.

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