Hypothyroidism & Hashimotos

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Estimates say that 1 in 8 women have a thyroid issue. 60% of those with thyroid issues have no idea they have issues. Also being seen more and more commonly in men, too. What gives?

Our thyroid is our master gland. Little dude controls our metabolism, temperature, sleep, and ability to lose weight. It impacts sex hormones, mood, and energy levels. That saying ‘happy wife, happy life?’ – it applies to your thyroid TENFOLD. If thyroid is in the shitter, good luck losing weight or having a good body comp.

Potential Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:
⚡️Weight gain, inability to lose fat
⚡️Low energy
⚡️Hair loss
⚡️Digestive issues
⚡️Brain fog
⚡️Menstrual irregularities, heavy periods, lack of cycle
⚡️Difficulty regulating temperature, chronically feeling cold

Contributing Factors to Hypothyroidism:
⚡️Hormonal birth control
⚡️Insufficient calories, chronic dieting
⚡️Low-fat and low-carb diets
⚡️Deficiency in nutrients
⚡️Poor adrenal health, too much stress
⚡️Overtraining, overexercising
(among numerous others)

Labs Necessary to Evaluate Thyroid Function:
⚡️Free T3 (Optimal= 3.0-4.5)
⚡️Free T4 (1.0 – 1.53)
⚡️TSH (1.8-3.0)
⚡️TPO (<10) & TGab (0-.9)
*Need all 5 values –  Doublecheck your doc!

If we’re really lucky, we slide into Hashimotos Thyroiditis, where the body creates antibodies that attack the thyroid. Hashimotos Protocol is a great read! Worth noting that medication CANNOT remedy our issue – get to the root cause!

Improving Thyroid Health:
⚡️Transition off hormonal birth control (HBC inhibits thyroid function on multiple levels)
⚡️Slowly reverse cals up to maintenance (consider hiring an experienced coach!)
⚡️Load up on healthy dietary fats (cholesterol = a precursor for hormone production)
⚡️Take down exercise intensity and frequency
⚡️Reduce caffeine intake
⚡️8-10 hrs of sleep daily
⚡️Ample water and fiber intake daily
⚡️Reduce exposure to plastics, parabens, pesticides
⚡️Consider minimizing consumption of dairy and gluten

Supplement Suggestions:
⚡️Grass-fed beef liver capsules (source of Vit A, iron, B12)
⚡️Zinc, selenium, magnesium
⚡️Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin D
⚡️Probiotics, digestive enzymes, bone broth, collagen, fermented foods for gut health

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