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Feeling run down? Hair falling out? Waistline getting bigger ‘despite doing all the right things’? Cold all the time? Struggling with digestion?

All of these may be symptoms that our thyroid needs a little love. Our thyroid is the master gland of the body that moderates our internal thermostat, influences our sleep, directly impacts our metabolism and sex hormones, and so many other things.

If testosterone levels aren’t so hot or we have miserable and icky menstrual cycles, it’s crucial to check in with our thyroid as it’s all interconnected!

Hypothyroidism occurs when our body produces low levels of thyroid hormone.

Hashimotos Thyroiditis occurs if we develop antibodies & our immune system begins to attack our thyroid gland. Worth mentioning that antibodies may develop at any time, so it’s important to get blood-work regularly to keep tabs on this if we’ve already been diagnosed with hypo.

Hyperthyroidism on the other hand (also known as Graves Disease) occurs if the body produces too much thyroid hormone.

Thyroid issues were historically primarily seen in women, but present day, we’re seeing them pop up in males at an increasing and alarming rate. What gives? Our thyroid is directly influenced by our environment, lifestyle, exercise, genetics, and diet.

Look Below for More Deets On:
– Potential symptoms of thyroid issues
– Blood-work necessary for evaluating thyroid function
– Potential contributing factors
– Considerations regarding thyroid medications and prescriptions
– Tips on naturally improving thyroid function
– Supplement suggestions

Interested in reading more? We LOVE Becky Campbell’s 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan, Izabella Wentz Hashimoto’s Protocol, and The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Aviva Romm

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