Intra-Workout Carbs Shouldn’t Be Necessary for 60-90 Min of Exercise

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Koolaid. Lemonade. Intra-workout gummy bears or candy.

The trend of ‘intra-workout diabeetus’ (calm down, its a freaking joke) could use some SERIOUS attention and discussion in the fitness community. If we ‘NEED’ intra-workout carbs to survive workouts, we can’t help but wonder if the underlying issue doesn’t scream that we:
⚡️need more damn food in general
⚡️should get the heck out of a deficit
⚡️should train less (aka physically take down programming volume or incorporate more rest days)

To quote @rachelraebarnette: ‘Our body wasn’t made for a strict template, a steep caloric deficit for months on end, or 4 million cut cycles in a year.’ Especially if we’re a freaking female. Don’t believe us? Swim around in the Finnish study that points that the female neuroendocrine system still may not be fully recovered from a dieting phase 3-4 mo after dieting. Men typically are a lil more resilient than their female counterparts (but not always)

So just planting some thoughts here as we see clients regularly that are super clingy to their intra-workout routines. Doing our due diligence to rule out red flags, since they are often also clients that are underfed and need to get back to maintenance cals.

Some Basics to Consider:

⚡️Fat loss phases should probably be minimized to 8-12 weeks
⚡️Fat loss phases should probably be limited to 1-2x a year
⚡️We should not require intra-workout carbs if exercising 60-90 min
⚡️If training beyond 90+ minutes, intra-workout carbs may certainly have application and will def boost performance!
⚡️Get in a meal 90-120 minutes before the gym. Early bird chasing the awesome? Training fasted is cool, just eat a giant carb-filled dinner the night before. Alternatively, have a small snack like instant oats or a few rice cakes on the way to the gym

Meal Ideas 60-90 Minutes Prior to Being a Bad*ss in the Gym:
⚡️Eggs + Potatoes
⚡️Chicken + Quinoa
⚡️Ground Turkey + Rice

Need a Boost During Sessions Longer than 90 Minutes?
⚡️Rice Cakes + Deli Meat
⚡️High Quality Breakfast Cereal
⚡️Squeeze Packs
⚡️Protein or Aminos + Cyclic Dextrin
⚡️Pedialyte, Gatorade, Coco Water (if hot as balls outside)

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