Lab Testing for Thyroid Issues

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Suffering with symptoms —  inability to lose weight, chronically feeling cold, or slow digestion?⁣

They say 1 in 8 women have a thyroid issue. Our thyroid is our master gland — it impacts metabolism, digestion, temperature regulation, menstrual cycle, & more. ⁣

One potential sign of thyroid issues can actually include having longer menstrual cycles (35-40+ days)!⁣

The tricky part is that our thyroid levels naturally drops as a result of being a caloric deficit — so it can be difficult to distinguish true thyroid issues vs simply being consistently under-fed.⁣

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a proper diagnosis. Doctors may fail to order a complete lab panel, or may assess based off old/outdated reference ranges. For this reason, a functional/integrative doc might be best to work with.⁣

Simply looking at TSH or TSH/Free T4 is not enough to make a proper diagnosis. Make sure to request everything suggested in the infographic.⁣

There are also simple deficiencies like vit D, iron, & B12 that can mimic symptoms of hypothyroidism – so it’s important to request these as well!⁣

To give a brief breakdown on thyroid:⁣
•TSH is the messenger hormone in the body.⁣
•T4 is the reservoir pool or building blocks⁣
•T3 is the active hormone created from T4.⁣
•TPO/TgAB antibodies may indicate there could be an autoimmune reaction occurring & that the body may be attacking the thyroid (this is called Hashimoto’s). ⁣

In hypothyroidism, we see elevated TSH levels & low free T3. This is because the body is “yelling” louder and louder for the body to convert T4 -> T3. ⁣

We want to look at free T4 & free T3 levels, as these are unbound by proteins & what’s actually available for use by the body.⁣

Free T3 levels in the 2.0-2.9 range usually means someone may not feel greatest (most functional ranges suggest Free T3 should be 3.0-4.5).⁣

TPO & TgAB antibodies are important as well, as we may spot antibody presence long before we see a drop in thyroid levels due to destruction of the thyroid.⁣

We love Avivva Romm’s Adrenal Thyroid Revolution & Izabella Wentz’s Hashimotos Protocol & Hashimotos Thyroiditis for more information.⁣

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