LCK & The Bledsoe Show – Episode 119

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Bryan Boorstein is the founder of Evolved Training Systems; evidence-based programming that bridges the gap between functional fitness and physique-style training.

Bryan has spent the last 22+ years lifting weights across multiple modalities, venturing from the strength and bodybuilding world into competitive CrossFit, and then back into the physique space with a unique style.

Laurie King a nutrition coach, educational blogger, and total badass who’s passions include nutrition, women’s health, and helping women take up space in the weight room.

Both of them created Paragon Training Methods, which is aesthetics-focused workouts you can do in 30-60 minutes to feel good and look great.

In this episode, we dive into better ways to train and eat, why our society is too obsessed with excessive exercise, why people should stop being OCD on tracking everything, how you can find harmony when working towards your goals, and how coaching has evolved through the years.

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