LCK x Complete Every Day – Season 3, Episode 46

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PS: This might have been one of my favorite podcast episodes recorded to date. 

Some Talking Highlights:⁣
3:30 Why my slowest Murph time this year was my favorite Murph yet⁣
7:00 My background: getting diagnosed with hypothyroidism, why I elected to pursue nutrition & dietetics, the actual reality of dietetic programs, why I elected to NOT become an RD, how i got into coaching CrossFit and working for seminar staff, & more⁣
19:00 How CrossFit can be the slippery slope to overtraining ⁣
21:00 The importance of rest days⁣
21:00 Why i hate 6 week nutrition challenges ⁣
22:00 How often you should diet & how long a caloric deficit should last⁣
25:00 Key habits to a banging physique ⁣
27:00 Nutrition and lifestyle actions and consequences⁣
29:00 Unexpected hard changes to your environment necessary for success⁣
31:00 Is your significant other sabotaging your body comp?⁣
35:00 Why I’ve been single for 6+ years⁣
40:00 How the journey can be lonely, but why you should holdfast and keep going ⁣

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