Let’s Put an End To “Active Recovery Days” & “Rest Day Macros”

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We’ve got a bone to pick with people’s definition of “Rest Days”. Not sure when “active recovery days” & “zero carbs on rest days” became hip or trendy movements, but let’s clarify some things, because sh*t is getting out of hand.

The point of a “rest day” is to do just that: REST.
By eating food, we can ALSO recover.

Guess what we’re NOT getting if we scale Mount Everest, swim across the Atlantic Ocean, and row a marathon on “rest days”, and also eat less carbs & calories? We’re 0/2 on recovery, dudes.

Our body physically needs time to recover and bounce back from stressors. The entire point of training is to induce stress to the body in order to gain positive adaption (in the form of improved cardiovascular endurance, lean tissue gain, etc etc). We were not made to “go go go” 24/7/365. Trying to lose fat? There is a point at which we’re in TOO MUCH of a deficit if we’re on poverty macros & TOO active.

In English? 3-5 days of exercise is plenty, gtfo of the gym.

Re less food on rest days: This COULD work in the bodybuilding/aesthetics world since their exercise modality is less stressful to the body. This cannot & SHOULD NOT work in the performance world (Guess what, CrossFit is a performance sport – Regardless of whether or not you actually compete in competitions).

CrossFit is a glycolytic sport. We cannot & should not be rolling Keto or low carb in a modality primarily fueled by CARBS. Glycogen stores also take 24-36 hours to replenish. Therefor, “rest day macros” composed of less calories/carbs might be a poor idea because we’re taking away from the recovery component and also setting yourself up to feel like sh*t the next time we roll to the gym.

How to Properly “Rest Day”:
⚡️Net 10k steps a day (and every day, for that matter)
⚡️Stay OUT of the gym
⚡️Get some sunshine on our skin and dirt underneath our feet (we’re all complicated houseplants with emotions, after all)
⚡️Eat exactly as we would on “training days”
⚡️Mobilize, stretch, & get bendy
⚡️We CAN still get out & do a super leisurely hike, yoga, SUP – but keep it chill

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