Low Testosterone & Hormonal Imbalance in Men

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You know those corny depression med comercials where they talk about “just not being you anymore?”

Hormonal imbalance & low testosterone is kinda like somebody stole the magic that makes YOU the badass that you are

Symptoms of Low Testosterone / Unbalanced Hormones in Men:
⚡Difficulty maintaining/losing weight
⚡Lack of strength gains/PRs in gym
⚡“Man boobs” / holding weight in lower abdomen
⚡Changes in mood (depression, sadness, irritability)
⚡Difficulty with memory & concentration
⚡Poor sleep & low energy
⚡Decreased sex drive & lack of morning boners
⚡Hair loss / balding

Blood Labs to Pull:
⚡Free & Total Test
⚡B12, Vitamin D
⚡Iron, Zinc & Magnesium
⚡Liver Enzymes (ALT & AST)

A total testosterone level of 300 (or less) ng/dL is typically when insurance recognizes “low T” & will cover for replacement therapy.

Understand though that deficiencies in ANY of the above labs could contribute to or illicit similar symptoms to low testosterone. Also: Reference Range does NOT equal Optimal Range

Had a client w suspected low testosterone: Total T was 550 (aka fine), but Vit D was 34 (ref range = 20-100). Started supplementing 5,000 IU VitD &two weeks later, symptoms resolved. (We never want to be in the lower end of a reference range)

So say bloodwork pings back with levels sub 300. Would we recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Nahh, probably not. The issue with hormone replacement (regardless of gender) is that it doesn’t address the root cause of why there’s low hormone levels in the first place.

How to Naturally Remedy Testosterone Levels?
⚡Minimize caffeine consumption
⚡Sleep 8-10 hours a night
⚡Reduce exposure to the the 3 “P’s” (plastics, parabens, pesticides)
⚡Reduce plastic exposure (tupperware, water bottles)
⚡Buy natural body care products, skin care products, deodorants, household cleaners
⚡Buy high quality meats & organic as much as possible
⚡Balance blood sugar – eat pro/carb/fat/veg at every meal
⚡Eat 30-35g fiber minimum & drink ample water
⚡Supplement B12, Vitamin D, Zinc, & Magnesium
⚡Supplement with probiotics, fermented foods, bone broth, collagen
⚡Minimize alcohol consumption
⚡Manage & address stress

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