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On today’s episode of “taboo” topics: Low Testosterone in men. It’s actually MUCH more common than you think.

A quick Google search popped up statistics that “1 in 4 men over the age of 30 struggle”. From personal experience in working as a nutrition coach, I would actually say there’s a whole mess of guys walking around with low testosterone that have no idea they have it.

Low testosterone in men is basically the female equivalent of low thyroid function. Meaning if levels are sub-optimal, we’re probablyyy going to feel pretty shitty, sleep pretty poorly, and struggle with our weight.

Testosterone is important for a variety of reasons and is DIRECTLY related to sex drive, sperm production, bone density, fat distribution, and formation of muscle mass (among other things)

Symptoms of Low Testosterone?
⚡️Increased body fat
⚡️Sleep disturbances
⚡️Decreased sex drive
⚡️Changes in mood (Depression, sadness, or irritability)
⚡️Depressed overall wellbeing (difficulty with memory & concentration)
⚡️Hair loss/balding
⚡️Low energy

What Causes Low Testosterone?
⚡️Too much caffeine
⚡️Chronic stress (progesterone plummets, so testosterone also plummets)
⚡️Poor gut health
⚡️Low Vitamin D levels
⚡️Chronically not getting enough sleep
⚡️Exposure to xenoestrogens (which include plastics, parabens, & pesticides in food)
⚡️Sluggish liver (excess estrogen isn’t being processed out by the body)
⚡️Frequent alcohol consumption (can raise estrogen levels)
⚡️Low fiber/water intake

How to Naturally Remedy Testosterone Levels?
⚡️Minimize or reduce caffeine consumption as much as possible
⚡️Manage and address stress (meditation, float tanks, yoga, etc etc)
⚡️Take down training volume and intensity/take more rest days in the gym
⚡️Supplement with quality probiotics, fermented foods, bone broth, collagen
⚡️Supplement with ample Vitamin D (Sunshine + 5,000 IU should do the trick)
⚡️8-9 hours of sleep daily
⚡️Reduce plastic exposure (plastic Tupperware, water bottles, etc)
⚡️Buy natural body care products, skin care products, deodorants, and household cleaners
⚡️Cleanse liver 3-4 times a year (Supplement with NAC + Milk Thistle + “All in One” Liver Support Product )
⚡️Reduce alcohol intake
⚡️Eat plenty of cruciferous veggies (broccoli/cauliflower/brussels)
Eat 30-35g fiber minimum and drink ample water

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