Macro Hack: Creating a Staple Breakfast

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Man. If I had a DOLLAR for every time a client asked me for recipes or meal ideas, I would be a very, VERY rich nutrition coach. Today we’re going to talk about a very important macro hack, which is creating a staple breakfast routine.

What if I told you I am quite possibly the LAZIEST macro human ever..
And that I DON’T believe in recipes?! (*gasp*)

My meals almost ALWAYS consist of:
⚡️grabbing 1 protein, 1 carbohydrate, 1 fat, and 1 veggie
⚡️tossing them together
⚡️covering copiously in spices (love me some Trader Joe’s Onion Salt & Everything But the Bagel Seasoning!)

The goods news? You TOO can be lazy!
All it takes is deciding on a “Staple Breakfast” –
aka a breakfast that you LOVE that essentially consists of the SAME THING every single day.

It then becomes a “CONSTANT’ that DOES NOT change from week to week in your routine (Hellooo, one less meal to plan and one less thing to spend time macro-ing out. Shut up and take my money!)

My breakfast almost always encompasses:
⚡️3 whole eggs
⚡️bacon, ham, or chicken sausage
⚡️potatoes, sweet potatoes, or rice (or all of the above!)
⚡️sweet potato, beet, zucchini, butternut spiral noodles
⚡️rabbit stuff (arugula, kale, or spinach)
⚡️veggies (broccolini, carrots, onions, bell peppers)

You could also incorporate more fiber or carbohydrates into your breakfast by making a giant bowl of loaded gluten-free oatmeal and throwing in berries, coconut flakes, chia seeds, ground flax seed, or protein powder.

If you need breakfast that’s a little more portable or travel-friendly, you could also play with making some sort of smoothie: think protein powder, nut butter, kale or spinach, berries, chia or flax seed, coconut oil, avocado, berries, or other fruit. Pinterest would be a clutch staple for recipes if you’re feeling a little uninspired.

Happy sizzling!

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