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Chocolates, Peeps, & Sugar – Oh myyyy ! To track or not to track? (on arguably the most delicious, candy-filled holiday of the year)

Perhaps other coaches and companies would disagree, but we’re still going to roll that a diet should encompass many roles, & that “real life” flexibility is arguably the MOST important one. Remember that saying, “Don’t do anything ya couldn’t do forever?”

It’s true. If you can’t disconnect from your food scale & MyFitnessPal from time to time to enjoy a day with friends/family/loved ones and make memories – that’s an issue. Tracking 24-7/365 just isn’t sustainable, nor is it realistic or mentally healthy. So is today permission to eat your weight in marshmallows and jelly beans? Nah, it’s def not that either.

In a word: just don’t eat like an a**hole. Have your cake (or Cadbury eggs, or whatever), but be responsible and eat some “green shit” in the mix too.

Protein is our “ride or die”, and might still be worth tracking (just so we’re not losing out on our gains). It also helps with satiation and may keep you from inhaling that 23rd Peep.

Make sure we’re also getting in some fiber as well. Most people are traveling for the holidays, so it may not be a bad idea to bring some berries, instant oatmeal, or things like @rxbars/ @bulletproof bars to uh, “keep things moving” and help digestion.

Today our family is doing brunch, so we’ve got sweet potatoes, bacon, eggs, roasted broccoli, avocado, fruit, & gluten-free banana muffins on the menu. Happy Easter!

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