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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday… and Saturday… and Sunday?  Or maybeeee not. Seems fun in theory, until we’re feeling crummy and body comp goes a lil sideways. Let’s teach ya how to hack life: We ALL want a killer bod and to be enjoy time with frands. There IS a way to macro and still drink on occasion without it annihilating our goals or progress.

Alcohol is basically the unicorn of macros. It IS indeed considered the fourth macro (alongside protein, carbs, and fat), but can def wreak havoc on our hard work if we’re not careful.

‘The Need to Know’ Deets on Booze:
⚡️Our bod is a rockstar, but if alcohol is present, it’s worried about processing alcohol over metabolizing any protein/carb/fat it’s given. Try to keep food quality high while drinking ????
⚡️Alcohol may raise estrogen & SHBG levels. In English: it may lower testosterone & negatively impact our ability to build muscle. If we want symptom-free menstrual cycles or love the gym & looking strong, perhaps it should be a ‘every once in a while’ rather than a weekly (or daily) occurrence.
⚡️We can think of alcohol as the ‘anti-fiber’ of the body: fiber keeps things moving smoothly in the GI, where our beloved ‘liquid bubbly’ slows DOWN metabolism & interrupts our bodies normally processes
⚡️Scale fluctuations are pretty predictable: If we drink on a Saturday, it’s common to wake up lighter the next day & then potentially heavier for 2-3 days after that before scale resumes normal. All depends on WHAT we drink, how MUCH we drink, & what we’re shoving in our piehole while drinking.

How Do We Have Our Wine & Drink It To?
⚡️Crush a great workout on the morning of
⚡️Set a limit PRIOR – 1 or 2 drinks is plenty!
⚡️Limit drinks to 1x/wk or abtain during fat loss efforts
⚡️Keep brekky & lunch protein/veggie-heavy (hello #800g challenge!)
⚡️Keep food & drink quality high while getting your drank on
⚡️Goals on the line? Bring a @zevia, Kombucha, or asking the bartender for club soda + lime

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