How to Track Macros at Restaurants

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Unfortunately with nutrition, we often only know two very extreme roads: the rigid white of Tupperware, no social get-togethers, zero booze, & the void of fun… And the extreme black of inhaling chips and queso, crushing our bodyweight in “forbidden foods” & drinking enough alcohol to secure the token “fuqqq, I’m never drinking EVER again” line. Sustainability, flexibility, and being social on the reg is king, so let’s keep paving the grey middle.

If you’re on a cut and driving hard for fat loss, do your best to log (and overestimate) what you’re eating as there WILL be hidden oils or sauces (aka hidden macro/cals). If REALLY striving to make progress, might be best to limit dining out occasions or bring food with you so you can still be social.

Reversely, if eating at maintenance or enjoying vacation, it’s totally cool to be loose on tracking or take a ghost from MyFitnessPal if it aligns with goals. The beauty of consistency is if we normally crush our macros, we can absolutely earn ourselves un-tracked meal(s).

Worth noting: Untracked meal does NOT equal permission to treat your body as a trashcan // an excuse to binge (:

How to Track Macros at a Restaurant:
⚡️Get boujee about restaurant selections. Find places with high quality meats & produce 
⚡️Look at menu ahead of time, decide on your meal PRIOR to going
⚡️Eat lighter during the rest of the day – Crush the meat & veggies so there’s carbs/fat for the restaurant
⚡️Simple is King. Aim for a protein + carbohydrate + fat + veg. It’s easiest to log (:
⚡️Avoid generic entries like “cheeseburger” & individually log the bun, meat, cheese, etc
⚡️Ask server about portions of meat (they will typically tell you the raw weight)
⚡️Ask food to be grilled/steamed & for sauces on the side
⚡️Eyeball portions. 1 cup = about a handful
⚡️Alternatively, they DO actually make travel food scales. You might look a drug dealer, but at least your friends will tell cool stories about you when you’re not around (#blest)
⚡️Guesstimate & don’t over-stress it. We prefer to overestimate just for safe housekeeping!

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