Macros on Holidays – 4th of July

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Trolling you guys a little preemptively, as I hope to gosh we ain’t tracking macros on a holiday. Please give yourself space and permission to be human, to disconnect from technology, and spend the day with good food, friends, & fam. We have limited time on this beautiful little blue & green planet, & it’s SO important to make memories with loved ones.

The problem with nutrition (and many things in life) is that we often only know two very extreme roads: The rigid black of Tupperware living, no social outings, no booze, and the void of certain foods. And the extreme white of inhaling fast food, endless chips & guac, drinking our bodyweight in alcohol, & consumption of allllll the “forbidden foods”.

Let’s continue paving the way for the grey middle.

Tips on Optimizing the Week of a Holiday:
⚡️Keep It Squeaky: Keep food quality high all week long & be real tight on macros on the days leading up to AND after the holiday. It’s a holi-DAY, not a holi-WEEK (;
⚡️Bring Your Own Shit: I, too, like to live dangerously. But walking into someone else’s party without your own food is actually just dumb. So let’s not be dumb.
⚡️Set a Goal on Booze: 2-3 drinks is plenty. Enjoy some high quality drinks and plenty of water too
⚡️Reversely, Skip the Bubbly: You CAN be social without ‘the liquid courage.’ Come armed with La Croix, Zevia, Topo Chico, Kombucha, or coco water. Party animal friends? Walk around with a cup of somethin’ & throw a lime in there – nobody will know the difference
⚡️DO Eat Some “Forbidden Foods”: No food is ACTUALLY good or bad. Grab a cookie/brownie/whatev & then gtfo away from the food table or kitchen
⚡️Get Some of Nature’s Medicine: We’re all just complicated houseplants with emotions. Get some sunshine on that skin, kick off shoes & get some dirt and grass under your toes, & spend time being social (pls talk about something other than work or the gym)

Food Ideas:
⚡️Marinaded chicken breasts/thighs
⚡️Bison or turkey burgers
⚡️Avocados & guacamole
⚡️Potatoes, sweet potatoes
⚡️Veggie skewers

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