How to Track Macros On Valentine’s Day

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So you want the skinny on how to track your macros on Valentine’s Day? Well you see… We actually recommend you DON’T track your macros on Valentine’s Day.

Yep. Zero tracking. Zip. Zilch. Nada (Wait – say whuuuut?) Yeah bro. The Director of Education for iN3 Nutrition just told you to go rogue on MyFitnessPal & ghost ya macros on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the deal: A healthy diet is one that encompasses a variety of roles: You should be able to enjoy food, be social, and CERTAINLY spend time with loved ones. If you cannot enjoy a donut or crush some chocolate on occasion, your diet is NOT flexible – PERIOD.

The best part about constantly being consistent on our food habits and lifestyle? It buys us the wiggle room on occasion to live a little and go crush awesome food

So go on –
This is coach’s orders to put up the Tupperware, put up your macro tracking app, & spend the day with friends or people you care about. Go be a badass & do things ya love with the people you love, it’s ALWAYS the big picture

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