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Just like women get a monthly feedback report on the state of their health in the form their menstrual cycle, men actually get DAILY feedback via their morning wood! As we were reading up on testosterone today, we actually stumbled upon the verbiage “man-o-pause” and it had us chuckling.

It’s pretty common knowledge that as we age (regardless of gender), hormone levels tend to drop. But it seems to be a growing common issue to see men with uncomfortably low testosterone levels and/or high estrogen levels.

Potential Symptoms of Low Testosterone:
⚡️Brain fog, difficulty concentrating
⚡️Changes in mood (depression, sadness, irritability), lack of motivation
⚡️Decreased sex drive, difficulty during sexual encounters, lack of morning wood
⚡️Difficulty building strength, lack of muscle tone, lack of PR’s

⚡️Difficulty losing fat or holding weight in the hips and lower abdomen
⚡️Disrupted sleep
⚡️Gynecomastia (‘man boobs’)
⚡️Hair loss, balding
⚡️Infertility, low sperm count
⚡️Lack of ’second gear’ in gym
⚡️Low Energy

If any of the above hits a little close to home, consider working with a doctor to pull some lab work. It’s worth plugging that hypothyroidism is becoming incredible common in men as well, and deficiencies in certain things can mimic symptoms of low T or contribute to low testosterone.

Lab Considerations:
⚡️Free & Total testosterone
⚡️Free T3 & Free T4
⚡️Vitamin D
⚡️Vitamin B12
⚡️Liver Enzymes (ALT, AST)

Worth mentioning that testosterone replacement therapy does not address the root cause of why we’re experiencing issues in the first place, so it’s important to crank on the underlying nutrition, lifestyle, or exercise habits that may be contributing to symptoms in the first place. If we don’t sleep or love abusing coffee, probably best to consider leaning into those habits before beelining straight for TRT, for example.

Want to naturally improve testosterone levels? Take a look at some of these other suggestions!


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