Meal Prep & Planning is Self Care

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“Self-care” does NOT = manicures, massages, & spa days. It can be PART OF self-care, but let’s redefine what this buzzword SHOULD mean.

Self-care IS:
⚡️Making time for YOURSELF daily (even if it’s 10 min)
⚡️Making YOUR goals a priority
⚡️Scheduling your day to allow for ample sleep at night
⚡️Scheduling time in your week to hit the gym on a regular basis
⚡️Cutting toxic friends/relationships from your life
⚡️”Staying in” on a Friday because you need time to decompress
⚡️Eating high-quality food & consistently paying attention to what goes in your mouth
⚡️Meal planning & meal prepping to ensure success regardless of what life throws you

(This list could go on forever)

Let’s focus on that last one: Self Care = Meal Planning & Prepping

We hear this so often on the nutrition end: “Well, the airport only had fast food,” “my in-laws don’t eat healthy,” “the restaurant only had fried food” – HELLO, WE ARE *ALWAYS* IN CONTROL. STOP LIVING IN THE MOMENT AND LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH FORWARD THINKING!

If we have a newborn, we are planning ahead for the apocalypse: Baby bag with diapers, wipes, bottles, crayons, food, snacks. Why is it that as an adult, we don’t plan for our day very similarly? It can be VERY HARD to be successful if always living on the reactive side of life, rather than planning ahead & being prepared

⚡️Hopping on an airplane? Pack 1-2 meals, protein bars, protein powder, rice cakes
⚡️Headed to a cookout? Bring pre-formed bison patties, veggie skewers, potatoes, avocados
⚡️Staying with family? Ask for a ride to the grocery store – sushi, rotisserie chicken, avocados, olive oil, microwave rice, pre-chopped veggies

You are ALWAYS in control. Quit giving the world permission to run your life. Plan ahead. Prioritize grocery shopping & cooking food in advance. Don’t be afraid to carry a lunchbox & emergency snacks

Quick Tips on Meal Planning:

⚡️Put the badass back in breakfast – Eat the same thing every morning (one less meal to plan)
⚡️Follow The Rule of 2s’: Pick 2 types of meat, 2 carbs, 2 fats, 2 veggies for the week. 1 of each to lunch, 1 of each to dinner
⚡️Cook enough food for the entire week, or meal prep 2x a week

Love this type of nutrition help? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you & has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, information on how much to eat, tips on fat loss, deets on hormones, guides on cooking, macros, & SO much more!

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