Natural Household Cleaning Products

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Continuing our adventure for “greener” living: We’re going to talk natural household cleaning products. Healthy eating & exercise doesn’t mean squat if we’re coming into contact with chemicals that will negatively impact our body & hormone function.

Hormone disruptors lurk in the pesticides on our food, our personal products (like deodorant or shampoo), & most DEFINITELY in our household cleaning products, dish soaps, & laundry detergents we use.

We are what we eat and what we come in contact with – so this sh*t actually matters big time.

Oh & real talk: Researching for this post was actually superrr humbling. A few years ago, I ditched conventional household cleaning brands in place of (what I thought) were better brands.

Self admittedly, my place was currently full of quite a few Method & Mrs Meyers Clean Day Products. After surfing around EWG (Environmental Working Group) last night, the bulk of Method & Mrs Meyers products are actually rated C’s & D’s

So I’ll be purchasing new stuff for around my place as well.
All products suggested in this post were rated as “A’s” or “B’s” (on an A – F scale) on EWG

I tried to include as many “A’s” as possible, & also tried to include brands you could readily get at local stores like Whole Foods/Target/etc.

Suggestions on Natural Household Cleaning Products –
Kitchen & General:
⚡️EO Everyone Hand Soap = A
⚡️Honest Dish Soap = A
⚡️Seventh Generation Dish Packs = A
⚡️Seventh Generation Multi-Suface Cleaner = A
⚡️Method Glass & Surface Cleaner = B
⚡️Mrs Meyers Clean Day Room Freshener = B

⚡️Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner = A
⚡️Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner = A
⚡️Method Daily Shower Cleaner = B

⚡️Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder = A

We also really love Branch Basics!

As always, do better we you know better! This stuff can all have a major impact on overall health, body composition, and ability to lose weight.

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