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Hormones are such a sexy buzzword, but rightfully so: Low testosterone levels might have ya hating the gym, hating your life, & hating your wife.

Peri-menopause might leave ya dry, cranky, or up at night hot, sweaty, & unable to fall back asleep.

Hormonal birth control might leave ya struggling to lose fat, gain muscle, or with zero sex drive. Happy hormones are undoubtedly the name of the game to living our best life.

Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle all play a role. Not sure where to start?

Pick the easiest changes that will elicit the biggest ROI (like sleep) & then keep cruising down the list. It all adds up

Naturally Balancing Hormones via Nutrition:

  • Work with an experienced coach to pull out of a caloric deficit and work back to maintenance calories
  • Load up on healthy fats and ample carbs for lifestyle & activity (anecdotally, 60-70f and 150-250c minimum for menstrual health, 65-70g of fat minimum for happy boners)
  • Keep blood sugar balanced by consuming a protein, carb, fat, veggie at every meal and eat at regular intervals
  • Minimize dairy, gluten consumption, caffeine, alcohol, and processed food
  • Minimize pesticide exposure – buy organic produce and quality meat as much as possible
  • Consume cruciferous veggies and sprouts (great for gut health / liver detox)
  • Consume red meat daily
  • Consume 30-40g fiber and plenty of water daily
  • Address gut health via quality probiotics, fermented foods, bone broth, and collagen
  • Consider implementing seed cycling

Naturally Balancing Hormones via Lifestyle:

  • Work with your doctor  and consider transitioning off hormonal birth control
  • Minimize paraben exposure (switch to natural body care, skin care, deodorants, household cleaners)
  • Minimize plastic exposure (tupperware, water bottles, meal prep containers)
  • Take down training volume and intensity (consider temporarily switching exercise modalities to something like bodybuilding or lifting as high-intensity modalities like CrossFit, Orange Theory, etc may be stressful to the body)
  • Take more rest days from the gym
  • Consume 30-40 grams of fiber + plenty of water daily
  • Non-negotiable 8-10 hours in bed
  • Minimize and address stress

Enjoy these types of nutrition tips? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you and has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, info on how much to eat, fat loss tips, hormones, and SO much more!

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