Naturally Optimizing Hormone Health by Avoiding Plastic, Parabens, and Pesticides

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I hate using the word “toxic” because it’s such a buzzword, but we come in contact with a lot of “stuff” every day! We have men suffering from low testosterone levels, women with estrogen dominance and thyroid issues, and a society struggling with their health more than ever due to imbalanced hormones.

Xenoestrogens are synthetic or natural chemical compounds in our environment that imitate estrogen action in the human body. The three major sources (or the “3 P’s”) include plastics, parabens, and pesticides.


If you really pay attention, our exposure to plastic is actually a little overwhelming. Especially with kids, everything from toys to their food container are plastic, plastic, & more plastic. We put produce in plastic bags, we eat microwavable bags of veggies and meals from plastic containers. We drink from plastic water bottles and store our meal prep in plastic containers. It’s everywhere!

Consider: Swapping for glass Tupperware, invest in metal water bottles like Swell or Yeti, use metal straws, use fabric produce/grocery bags, and eliminate as much plastic as possible. If plastic is necessary, try to avoid heating food in it.


Parabens: Time to overhaul your cosmetics, skincare and body care products, and the chemicals we clean our houses with! Our skin is our largest organ, so the products we put on it or come in contact with have immediate access to do some damage. Drugstore makeup junkie or love cheap shampoos? We’ve got some cleaning up to!

Consider: Surfing for a database where you can doublecheck products & ingredients. Look for products that are free of phthalates, parabens, carcinogens, mineral oil, sulfates, & preservatives. We love Branch Basics for cleaning supplies, and Beauty Counter for all things skincare & make-up.


Pesticides: Chemicals used in and on our foods can be linked to all kinds of health problems.

Consider: Buying organic as much as possible. Look up the ‘Dirty Dozen’ & ‘Clean 15’ for further guidance on where to invest your money and when its okay to buy conventional. Also try to buy high quality of meats that are grass-finished, wild-caught, organic, cage-free, etc.


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