Nutrition After the CrossFit Open

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Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a super competitive athlete, everyone is in the same boat: Beaten up, inflamed, due for a major break (both mentally AND physically)

Remember, this wasn’t JUST 5 weeks of working your azz of – Training & food switched gears longgg before the Open to build up your engine and get nutrition on point – it’s time to unwind and relax a little!

1st Order of Business: Disconnect from weighing/measuring food

We like to give clients 1-2 weeks off tracking/logging their food immediately after the Open is over. They’re welcome to still log protein to make sure they’re not slacking on their protein goal, but instructions are pretty clear: Go rogue, ghost MFP and the food scale, eat intuitively, and just kick back a little.

2nd Order of Business: Clear up the inflammation & up the ante on gut health

Between all-out gym effort, higher consumption than usual of carbohydrates, & just more lactic acid flowing through the gut – gut health is looking roughhh.

We like to add a little extra “gut stuff” for the next month:
▪️fermented food (like sauerkraut)
▪️bone broth (@kettleandfire )
▪️collagen protein (@wildfoodsco )
▪️probiotics (@gardenoflife )

3rd Order of Business: Switch up them macros!

Training volume should be changing to orient around goals post-Open. We’re likely dropping carbs & upping fats. Cholesterol is a precursor for sex hormones, & our hormones/adrenals need a lil love after all the stress the past few months.

4th Order of Business: Set new goals!

Aesthetics and performance are on two different continuums.
The people that try to chase aesthetics AND performance at the SAME TIME end up getting NEITHER.

You should have periodization and specifics you plan to accomplish during the year at specific times.

Want to get shredded for summer?
Live in a deficit for 8-12 weeks, then reverse to maintenance for a few months.
Rinse and repeat.

Want to get stronger and put on some muscle?
Up food and go do it. 8-12 weeks getting strongAF & then lean out.
Rinse and repeat.

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