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Paragon Training Methods is my pride and joy.

We offer remote, super affordable, aesthetics-focused programs delivered right to your phone that you can do from anywhere to look and feel damn good in 30-60 minutes time.

I loved CrossFit – but I constantly felt rundown, and despite training hours on end, 5-6 times a week, it never gave me my dream body. We developed Paragon as I was bouncing back from shoulder surgery, overtraining, and hormone/adrenal woes.

While it’s fun to push our limits in the gym and some people love spending hours working out, not everyone has that luxury or desire. It’s also crucial to assess if workouts truly align with our goals.

While CrossFit, Orange Theory, Spin, F45, etc are all super fun, they may not give you the body comp you desire. And if hormones/adrenals are compromised, high-intensity exercise can be like adding gasoline to the fire.

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