Minimizing Digestive Woes During Travel

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Struggle to Hit The Bathroom When Ya Travel? (You’re Not Alone)⁣

Digestion is an interesting animal. Some people stay regular… while others clench up & may not drop a deuce for a few days?⁣

Which makes sense: we’re likely eating on a different schedule, eating foods out of our usual, off our sleep routine, maybe (or maybe not) staying on top of our hydration game, & stress is most def high since we’re out of our element?⁣

Thankfully, a little prep and thoughtful thinking can minimize digestive woes with ease ??‍♀️⁣

Tips on Optimizing Digestion While Traveling:⁣
⚡️Prioritize Sleep: try to hold as close to usual bedtime routine as possible. If not, net as close to 8 hrs as possible. Sleep helps regulate digestion, so this is arguably the most important tip⁣
⚡️Prioritize Fiber: @Rxbars, instant oatmeal, avocados, chia seeds, and berries are easy ways to get it in. 25-35g or bust ??⁣
⚡️Hydrate: Set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to drink fluids every few hours (bodyweight in lbs / 2 in oz, + 15oz for every hr of exercise)⁣
⚡️Hold Food Routine: Eat as close to your usual schedule as possible. Every few hours, make sure something goes in your pie hole⁣
⚡️Travel w electrolytes: Nuun tabs are super easy & portable. Alternatively, swing by a grocery store & snag coconut water⁣
⚡️Move: It may not be possible to stay on usual exercise routine, but try to hit the gym or squeak in an outdoor run. Regardless, net 10k steps??⁣
⚡️Prioritize Veggies: Veggies can be hard to come by at both restaurants & airports. Swing in a grocery store & stock up. Aim for easy-to-digest stuff like bells, shrooms, carrots, & zukes⁣
⚡️Keep Food Simple & Well Rounded: Aim for a protein + carb + fat + veggie at every meal⁣
⚡️Watch the Caffeine: It can either help “get things moving” or contribute to constipation??‍♀️⁣
⚡️Travel with digestive enzymes to take with meals (we love @nowfoodsofficial Super Enzymes) ⁣

Enjoy these types of nutrition tips? My ebook, The Badass Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide, is 125 pgs of macros, cheat sheets, fat loss tips, reverse dieting, hormone basics, gut health, & so much more⁣

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