Over Training & Under-Eating

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Health and fitness is sorta like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: We want to regularly exercise and be active, and we want to eat food and crush life – but too much emphasis on either department and life, overall well-being, & body comp may start to suck the big one ????

There’s no blanket prescription or the one-size-fits-all template: Everyone has different parameters of how they want to feel, look, and what they enjoy doing. But whether we’re not eating enough or we’re crushing TOO much fitness, it’s actually the same issue of under-recovery.

If our bod doesn’t have a good blend of stress:chill ratio, we may not be maximizing our ability to positively adapt (aka lose fat, hit PRs, or just feel d*mn good).

This looks different for everyone: Maybe we only workout 1 hr a day, but we’re chronically running on coffee, 6 hours of sleep, and hit the gym 7 days a week. Or maybe we take 2 rest days a week, but we’re spending 3-4 hrs a day in the gym and eating minimal food those other 5 – no bueno!

Potential Indicators of Under-Recovery:
⚡️Chronically feeling like dogsh*t
⚡️Compromised sleep, trouble staying asleep
⚡️Lack of appetite, blood sugar regulation issues
⚡️Chronic or insatiable hunger, food cravings
⚡️Lack of menstrual cycle, lack of ‘morning wood’
⚡️Erectile issues, low sex drive, miserable periods
⚡️Stalled progress in the gym, not building muscle or hitting PR’s
⚡️Inability to lose fat or change body comp
⚡️Compromised immunity, freq being sick
⚡️Nagging injuries, excessive soreness, inflammation
⚡️Agitation, mood swings
⚡️Low hormone levels (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone)
(this could go on forever)

⚡️Taking 2-3 rest days a week
⚡️Minimizing training volume & intensity
⚡️Crushing 8-9 hours of sleep
⚡️Getting 10k steps a day
⚡️Eating a lil more food!

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