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"They say the best companies come from solving a problem … Paragon actually started a result of solving mine."

I was a former competitive gymnast, marathon runner, and CrossFit Regional athlete. I loved working out and pushing my body to the limits… but I was constantly feeling run down, beat up, and exhausted. I just wanted to look good — and despite exercising for hours on end and “doing the most” in the gym, that wasn’t the case.

If you met me in 2017, I was a total train wreck. I was bouncing back from shoulder surgery, years of overtraining and under-eating, low thyroid and low hormone levels, and working to transition off hormonal birth control.

I hadn’t seen a menstrual cycle in years. Sex drive and hormone levels were non-existent. My digestion was a mess and I chronically felt achey, run down, and inflamed. Attempts to workout left me feeling dizzy and lightheaded. 

I felt absolutely terrible, was uncomfortable in my skin, and was rapidly gaining weight despite diligently tracking every macro and morsel of food that went in my mouth. Needless to say, I was desperately trying to claw my way to feeling better and getting my health in better order.

After a few months of spinning my wheels trying various other workout programs without success, I realized I was out of my league and needed help. I reached out to Bryan Boorstein on recommendation from a friend for 1:1 coaching and custom workout programming. 

The goal was to create a style of workouts that was conducive to letting my body heal, supported my health and hormones, and also gave me the athletic looking physique I desired. 

After a few months, I was feeling tremendously better and sleep, sex drive, hunger, mood, and body composition were coming around in a positive way… and that was when we knew we had to share it with the world..

In 2018, Bryan and I founded Paragon Training Methods, and what initially began as ‘my story’ effectively became ‘our story.’

The fitness industry loves encouraging people to shrink themselves, starve themselves, and the industry does an excellent job of making everyone feel like they’re never enough.
Since day 1 of Paragon, we’ve doubled down on helping our
members take up space, be empowered, educated, strong, and well-fed.
Our workouts are insanely fun, incredibly effective, and we’ve helped thousands of people around the globe smash their goals, look and feel amazing, and find better harmony with food, the gym, and their body. Our online Paragon community is full of likeminded individuals who can’t wait to support you and cheer you on.
The way you eat and exercise should provide freedom and peace of mind. And life’s too short to be at war with your body.

We’ve helped so many people’s lives around the world, and we can’t wait to change yours ♥