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Fun Fact: The supp industry is superrr unregulated – It’s not uncommon for amphetamines, SARMS, or other sketchy substances to magically slide in your pre-workout & whatever else.

Swimming in an abundance of caffeine isn’t super great anyway (cuz y’know, you kinda want your hormones & adrenals to work in your favor). I’d also venture to offend people and say if you need “pre-workout” to “go hard” in the gym, we’ve got bigger issues anyway.

Consider checking your food timing habits: Maybe you don’t need the caffeine pick-me-up, ya might just need to eat better around your workouts & throughout the day!

Food Timing Tips:
⚡️Remember that we are never fueling our workouts the ‘day of’, we’re fueling off the day before. Glycogen stores take 24-36 hrs, so on ‘the day of’, we’re just managing blood sugar & fueling for the next coming day of being a badass
⚡️The glycogen synthesis timeline is why lower carbs/lower calories on rest days might be the dumbest idea ever. Don’t be dumb
⚡️Carbs are delicious & also the fuel source for the Crossfits (or Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, or whatever the fuck). Please don’t Crossfit & Keto!
⚡️Don’t be digesting comida while chasing the pump. We suggest eating 90-120 minutes prior to exercise
⚡️Protein & carbohydrates. Carbohydrates & protein. Minimize added fats or fiber around workouts
⚡️Early bird chasing the awesome? Training fasted is cool, just eat a giant carb-filled dinner the night before
⚡️Fill carbs with things like potatoes, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, squashes. Avoid fruit around workouts
⚡️Not sure how many carbs to eat or afraid to eat carbs? Hire a coach!

Food Ideas Prior to Being a Badass in the Gym:
⚡️Eggs + rice
⚡️Chicken + quinoa
⚡️Ground turkey + potatoes

Longer Training Session:
⚡️Rice cakes
⚡️High quality breakfast cereal
⚡️Sweet potato squeeze packs
⚡️Aminos + Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin
⚡️Whey Protein + Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

Don’t forget to pimp your post workout & get a protein shake + a big high quality meal after ya train, too.

Love these types of health and nutrition guides? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you & has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, information on how much to eat, tips on fat loss, deets on hormones, guides on cooking, macros, & SO much more!

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