Planning Macros in MyFitnessPal

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Repeat after me: Macros and meal planning doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. We live & die by the “Rule Of Two’s: Breakfast is a daily constant we crush on the daily and then each week when we grocery shopping, we just need 2 of each macro(protein, carbohydrate, and fat) + 2 veggies for lunch and dinner.

For Example:
⚡️2 Proteins (bison, chicken)
⚡️2 Carbs (sweet potatoes, rice)
⚡️2 Fats (avo, olive oil)
⚡️2 Veggies (zucchini, broccoli)

Staple Bad*ss Brekky:
⚡️Eggs, bacon, bell peppers, oatmeal, berries

Lunch Becomes:
⚡️Bison, sweet potato, avocado, zucchini
Dinner Becomes:
⚡️Chicken, rice, olive oil, broccolini
So we have a loose game plan, but how do we flip our game plan into macros that hit our goals? Easy peasy – Bust out MyFitnessPal (or food tracking app of choice)

Start by logging some Protein at every meal:
⚡️3 eggs – brekky
⚡️4 oz bison – lunch
⚡️4 oz chicken – dinner
⚡️Shake – post workout

Then Carbs:
⚡️60g oats + 123g berries – brekky
⚡️260g sweet potato – lunch
⚡️280 rice – dinner

Then Fat:
⚡️2 slices bacon – brekky
⚡️100g avo – lunch
⚡️1T olive oil – dinner

Then Veggies:
⚡️200g bells – brekky
⚡️200g zukes – lunch
⚡️200g broccolini – dinner

Huzzahh – we have a solid day going. In MFP, scroll to the bottom of the day & click ‘Nutrition’. You should see current macro totals (click ‘nutrients’ up top). Now we play food tetris & keep adjusting quantities & entries until we can hit our goals! Keep it simple! The rad thing is after mapping out a day, we have a skeleton template we can use each week & just sub in diff meats/veggies/etc

Need More Protein?
⚡️Adjust meat portions at brekky/lunch/dinner
⚡️Egg whites, deli meat, jerky, greek yogurt
⚡️Protein shakes, protein bars, collagen peptides

Need More Carbs?
⚡️Rice cakes, breakfast cereal, fresh fruit
⚡️Beans, lentils, oats, potatoes, rice

Need More Fat?
⚡️Avocados, olive oil, coco oil, butter, ghee

Enjoy these types of nutrition tips? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you and has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, info on how much to eat, fat loss tips, hormones, and SO much more!

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