Planning Out Macro Goals in MyFitnessPal

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Sexy meal planning is usually not sustainable, but simple sureAF is. The ‘Rule of 2s’ is LIFE – We keep breakfast as a daily constant & then pick 2 of each macro (pro/carb/fat) + 2 veggies for lunch/dinner.

For Example:
⚡️2 Proteins (bison, beef)
⚡️2 Carbs (sweet potatoes, white rice)
⚡️2 Fats (avocado, olive oil)
⚡️2 Veggies (zucchini, broccolini)

Lunch Becomes:
⚡️Bison, sweet potatoes, avocado, zucchini
Dinner Becomes:
⚡️Beef, rice, extra virgin olive oil, broccolini

Time to bust out our Food Tracking App of choice (MyFitnessPal, Fat Secret, Lose It! – We prefer MFP). We’ve got a game plan on WHAT we will be eating… but how much? What about snacks? Post-wod shakes? Supps?

Start by Logging Protein at Every Meal:
⚡️3 eggs – breakfast
⚡️4 oz bison – lunch
⚡️4 oz beef – dinner
⚡️Protein shake – post-wod

Then Carbs:
⚡️1⁄2 cup oats + 50g berries – breakfast
⚡️200g sweet potato – lunch
⚡️ 1.5 cups cooked rice – dinner

Then Fat:
⚡️2 slices of bacon – breakfast
⚡️100g avocado – lunch
⚡️1 T extra virgin olive oil – dinner

Then Veggies:
⚡️1 cup arugula & 100g bell peppers – breakfast
⚡️100g zucchini – lunch
⚡️100g broccolini – dinner

You should now have a full day planned in your tracking app of choice, shimmy! In MyFitnessPal, scroll to the bottom of the food diary & click ‘Nutrition’. You should see current macro totals (Make sure to select “nutrients” up top). Keep adjusting entries until numbers match up with macro goals!

Need More Protein?
⚡️Adjust lunch and dinner meat portions to 6-8oz
⚡️Add extra egg whites to breakfast
⚡️Add a second protein shake or collagen in the mix

Need More Carbs?
⚡️Rice cakes post-workout
⚡️Increase portions on potatoes/rice at lunch & dinner
⚡️Incorporate beans, lentils, or 1-2 servings fruit
⚡️Incorporate gluten-free oats, high-quality pastas, tortillas, or bread (if no issues with gluten)

Need More Fat?
⚡️Olive oil & MCT oil are 14g = 1T
⚡️Avocado, grass-fed butter, ghee
⚡️Bacon, nuts, nut butter (sparingly)

Just remember: Planning & Meal Prep = Self Care. We are always in control, so give yourself no choice but to crush it ♥️

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