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Sweeeet, it’s that time of year where people go on insanely restrictive diets, live at the gym for hours, & try to white-knuckle unsustainable habits in order to lose weight because “new year, new me” & “2020 is my year.”

Look Becky. No one cares that you lost 20 lbs being vegan (or Keto, or fasting, or whatever). There’s nothing inherently special about however you’re eating, you’re just in a caloric deficit between the way you eat, exercise, and live life (:

You found a way of eating that works for you (or at least has been working, for now) which is a good thing! I just hope the second part of the equation is true – that it’s sustainable & you can continue doing it!

Vegan, Keto, weight watchers, macros – it all works!

But what about when dieting doesn’t work? A diet can go sideways for many reasons. One being that people diet too long.

Doesn’t matter how much you have to lose, there’s no reason to really be dieting beyond 12-16 weeks at a time. Thyroid health goes down in the absence of food. So do sex hormones. We wouldn’t endlessly drive a car on empty, so why would we do the same to our body?

After 12-16 weeks, we should be slowly dialing your food back up to an adequate intake (this is called reverse dieting) and then spending quite a few months eating at maintenance (because hormones/thyroid need time to restore).

Which brings us to another good point – were you actually in a place to diet? Because if we weren’t at maintenance calories (beyond 1800-2000+ with ease for most active women) for a minimum of 4-6 months prior, the answer is probably “no.” If hormones, gut health, and thyroid aren’t great, the answer is probably also “no.”

Another reason dieting goes sideways is that people stop dieting, and then go back to the old habits that got them where they were in the first place (:

Every diet works. If it creates a caloric deficit. AND you’re consistent. And your body is actually in a place to diet before you drop your calories.

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