Helpful Tips for Battling Post-Travel Body Woes

I used to be the person that would get home from travel and immediately start restricting my food and limit my calories, I’d go (over) exercise to “make up” for the workouts I didn’t get while traveling or to “make up” for poor decisions around alcohol while traveling, etc etc. Ooof. While I cringe as I’m writing this present day (as these are demons I no longer struggle with and have successfully worked past them over the years), I know that those things I used to do are unfortunately not uncommon and post-travel digestion and body woes can be reallyy tough for a lot of people to navigate.

As many begin to ease back into more travel and vacations, figured it would be helpful to cover this topic as I’ve seen coming up a lot in our Paragon community group, in DM’s, etc.

Know that our body reallyyy loves consistency and routine. So it makes sense that if we are in a different time zone, if we’re eating different foods that might not be our normal, possibly eating at different times of day, if we’re not staying on top of fiber and hydration, if we’re enjoying alcohol, if sleep habits aren’t great, etc etc… that our body might be a lil out of sorts for a bit when we get home (:

The concept of “grace and space” can be good to lean into post-travel, as you can likely expect that it may take ~3-4 days for you to get back to feeling like yourself. Also reflecting on the memories that were made and how much you enjoyed yourself during your trip.

As tempting as it might seem to lean into drastic changes or restrictions, a few simple habits (highlighted into this infographic) will have you feeling back to your best before you know it!


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