Nutrient Timing / Pre & Post Workout Food

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Throwback to when ‘window of gains’ was ALL the rage. ‘Nutrient timing’ sounds really sexy – but it’s essentially just knowing HOW & WHAT to eat before, during, or after exercise to improve performance & how we feel while crushing exercise

We always enjoy seeing pre & post-workout routines, cuz peeps be shoveling ALLLLLL the pills & powders! Does it need to be some fancy elaborate routine? – yes and no. Biggest thing is understanding where we’re currently at: we gotta master the basics, such as eating regularly, eating balanced meals, crushing veggies, etc before we get caught up in food timing. It’s like wanting to backflip before we know how to cartwheel.

They say glycogen stores take about 24-36 hours to replenish. This means performance is primarily being influenced by the day before exercise, although day of is certainly important too! Lower carbohydrates on rest days may not be a fantastic idea for this reason ☺️

When Should I Eat?
⚡️Probably best to not be digesting fresh food while slanging burpees or thrusters, so best practice is usually eat 90-120 minutes prior to exercise
⚡️Early bird chasing the awesome? Totally okay to train fasted! Consider crushing a big carb-filled dinner the night before. Alternatively, roll out of bed & crush something like instant oats or rice cakes

What Should I Eat?
Focus on primary protein & carbs with minimal added fat/fiber
Fat slows down digestion & fiber well.. fiber.
⚡️Eggs + Potatoes
⚡️Chicken + Sweet Potato
⚡️Ground Turkey + Rice

Need a Mid-Workout Boost?
Long training session or in a low cal phase & energy a lil tight?
⚡️Rice Cakes
⚡️GF Breakfast Cereal
⚡️Sweet Potato Squeeze Packs
⚡️Protein Powder + Cyclic Dextrin

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