Full 15-Week Training Cycle: DB Physique Ebook


Physique is our most popular Paragon Training Methods program.

It’s a muscle-building program with progressive overload. DB Physique was our solution to gym shutdowns this past year and it has been LIFE CHANGING because it’s allowed people to still hit great workouts even when working with limited equipment.

You’ll need 2-3 pairs of dumbbells (at minimum) + a bench or some sort of flat surface (ice cooler, coffee table, etc)

Keep in mind that if you join Paragon as a subscribing member, you not only save a lot of money, but you get access to our smartphone app + our online community group + 24/7 coaching access to myself, Bryan Boorstein, and all our amazing Paragon coaches to ask fitness/nutrition questions and get support. Click here to hop to The Paragon Training Methods website. As a Physique member, you get access to both the full-gym Physique cycle, as well as DB Physique cycle.

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