The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Muscle Gain, Fat Loss, & More Ebook


Minor updates 4/9/21 – updated cover because I no longer have blonde hair (haha), and small updates to swap for more inclusive language (IE: “menstruating individual” rather than “woman” etc)


Please read from cover-to-cover. Even if you don’t care about <insert the blank> topic, you will miss SO many nuggets and knowledge bombs as the book is written assuming you will read every single page. Cheers!

Please also have respect for my work and do NOT share this ebook with others. I am able to see when you try to share/email my ebook to others and I will not be shy to contact my lawyer, in addition to immediately revoking access to all parties for illegal distribution of intellectual property and copyrighted work.

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Note: I retired my first ebook (The Badass Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide) + second ebook (The Badass Guide to Fat Loss, Gaining, and Maintaining) and have compiled, condensed, and revised content from both books into this ebook. New ebook name, new graphic design, and lots of refreshing and updating on previous content. Some content might look super similar to what you’ve seen before, while other sections and topics have been completely revised, expanded on, completely overhauled, or are brand new and never seen before.

As I’ve continued to find better harmony with nutrition, fitness, and my body the past few years, my perspective/approaches/philosophies as a coach have changed drastically in what I consider a very good way, so I was well overdue for an ebook update. I used to be very rigid + uptight in the way I approached things and present day, am SO much more laidback, sustainable, and carefree in my views and coaching methodologies.

I’ve truly found freedom and peace of mind around food, exercise, and my body – and been on a serious war path the past few years to make waves in the industry and help others find that same freedom, too.

The diet industry is worth over 72 BILLION dollars and profits off our insecurities, self doubt, and lack of nutritional education. We have successfully created a generation and society of people that don’t know how to eat well, nourish their body, live a healthy lifestyle, or eat in ways that support their health and their goals.

Despite what social media or popular magazines might tell you, we can’t perpetually diet. Our body has to feel safe to get lean and stay lean. We have to earn the right to diet, and also earn the right to workout and exercise. Nutrition should be scheduled, periodized, and well thought out, just like our exercise. There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat, and certainly nothing beats working 1:1 with a coach to formulate an individually tailored plan.

But not everyone can afford that (or has the desire for coaching), so this ebook is my way of continuing to bridge the gap. This book will support you in your goal to love your body, and find freedom through food, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for being brave by being here. I can’t wait for this book to change your life.

** Due to the nature of digital product, we cannot provide refunds

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