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This is an 8-week group guided coaching + community support group for women being strong, well-fed, and no longer at war with their body.

We see endless 6-Week Challenges. Transformation Challenges. Shredding Seasons. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with motivating people to try and change their body and being in a caloric deficit to work towards a leaner body, IF their body is in a position to do so.

But most women spend their entire existence on planet Earth dieting and restricting. And frankly, it’s fcking scary to eat food in a world that repeatedly smacks us in the face with the message to eat less and not take up space. The purpose of this group is to support women eating adequately to fuel their badass lives. And to help every one of you show up as your BEST you.

There will be weekly journaling prompts. weekly action items. and weekly FaceBook Lives. Each week, you’ll receive a beautiful 15-30 page pdf with information including how much you should be eating, how to reverse diet, how to calculate maintenance needs, info on women’s health and hormones, how to eat in a surplus to get stronger while also minimizing fat gain, and so much more.

Not interested in tracking your food? Great, you don’t have to. Big fan of weighing and measure your food? Cool, there’s equal support for that too. This is guided coaching for all walks of life (even our awesome pregnant mommas). Whether super new to nutrition or a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone.

Already have a nutrition coach? Even better. It’s okay if you’re currently dieting and want to join for the nutrition education, journaling, etc – just understand there will NOT be any discussion on weight loss/restricting calories/etc.

PS: This is NOT 1:1 coaching – so if you feel you need individual coaching, you should have a coach in your corner. Can you have a nutrition coach and be part of our community? 100% – that’s actually the most ideal scenario.

We could all use help saying nice things when we look in the mirror and allowing ourselves to be seen and loved in all the ways we’re wonderful. Especially since we’re coming out of the holiday season, I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to lean into being strong and more badass.


LCK was recently voted Austin’s #1 Nutritionist, #1 Personal Trainer, and #1 Health/Fitness Ambassador. She was also recently featured on 3 live TV segments for Fox News! She’s been in the coaching game for 12+ years now and graduated from Illinois State with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics.

LCK has been on a guest on numerous world-famous podcasts, such as Mind Pump Media, Real Chalk, Shrugged Collective, and Harder to Kill Radio. She love all things women’s health, and runs the massive (and amazing) community that is Paragon Training Methods.

Erin Heidenreich is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who leads the amazing platform that is The Celiac Space. She specializes in celiac disease and all things gluten-free, as she has celiac herself. She’s also well-versed in gut health, thyroid conditions, performance nutrition, and helping others find a life of flexibility and sustainability.

Bethany Taylor is a total badass who’s passionate about helping women eat more food, take up space, and own their worth. She’s been in the coaching game for a quite a few years and loves hiking, being outdoors, lifting, and drinking coffee. She enjoys working with women who have been chronically undereating and loves empowering women to be more confident, love their bodies, and find freedom via food and exercise.

Alex Marshall is a passionate jack-of-all trades. She studied Culinary Arts at the College of Western Idaho, followed by Health Education at Boise State University, and then Food and Nutrition with a minor in Psychology at University of Idaho. She’s passionate about nutrition, women’s health, and cattle ranching (:

Beth Spearman is a strong and badass mother of 2. She studied Kinesiology at Rice University, where she was an All-American Pole Vaulter. Beth is also a 3X CrossFit Games Athlete & 5X CrossFit Regional athlete. By day, she’s a middle-school PE teacher, basketball coach, and track coach, as well as a 1:1 nutrition coach. She loves working with moms, athletes, former athletes, and helping moms raise strong and confident daughters.

After the 8 weeks, there’s an option to stay and get access to additional resources and support, including monthly FB Lives with special guest speakers (such as Dr. Becky Campbell, Dr. Jolene Brighten, etc), as well as have access to the upcoming in-person retreats.

A supportive community for women living and loving life – we can’t wait for this to change your whole world.

Let’s move mountains together ♥️  

xoxo, LCK


** Due to the nature of digital products & services, we cannot offer a refund once the program has begun and access has been given to the course material. Please do not copy or record content material, as it copyright.

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