The 125-Page Badass Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide (For Beginners)


The ultimate welcome guide to your best self. We understand that not everyone can afford a nutrition coach, so I spent months and months pouring my years of schooling and coaching experience into a killer ebook. It’s 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, guides to help calculate how much you should be eating, diet advice, and all the deets on macros, reverse dieting, meal planning, gut health, and so much more.

Whether new to nutrition or currently working with a coach, we promise there will be knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb so you’re able to up the ante on living your best life!

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The diet industry is worth over 66 BILLION dollars and profits off our insecurities, self doubt, and lack of nutritional education. We have successfully created a generation and society that doesn’t know how to eat well, nourish their body, or cook bomb-ass food in the kitchen. New to macros? Know next to nothing about nutrition, cooking, or healthy living?

You’re about to have step-by-step instructions on how to become a total badass right at your fingertips. We’ll guide you on how to clean out and stock up your fridge, freezer, and pantry, talk about our favorite kitchen tools and food staples, and teach you about all about how to fill your house with amazing food.

For those newer to nutrition, we cover the basics of macros, food tracking, and pave the way to help you find freedom via food. Not sure how much to eat or need to get the hang of tracking food? We gotcha. Reverse diet in order? We gotcha. Need to up the ante on your hydration game, pre-workout food routine, or just learn how to build more badass meals? Food inspo on how to plan meals for the week or help on how to turn planned meals into macros? We cover that too.

There’s page after page of macro cheat sheets, how to sleep better at night, how to caffeinate smartly, and the importance of being active outside the gym. We cover how to travel and navigate nutrition at airports, how to have your cake (and it eat it too) at weddings, and how to continue working towards goals but still enjoy things like booze on the reg.

If you’re a rookie in the kitchen, look no further: We extensively cover tips and tricks on how to crush it your kitchen stadium and crank out tasty meats, veggies, and masterful meals. Not a fan of excessive time in the kitchen? Us either, which is why we go into detail about the art of 50 Minute Meal Prep and how to crush the Minimal Prep Meal Prep life.

I am so, SO excited for you to enjoy my ebook! I understand that not everyone can afford a nutrition coach and not everyone can work with me, so this ebook is an accumulation of months and months of pouring my years of experience as a badass nutrition coach and dietetics grad to digital paper for all to enjoy.

Follow and tag me on Instagram, I love seeing you guys crushing it and can’t wait for you to enjoy this ebook! @lauriechristineking

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