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Regardless of the weekend warrior or competitive athlete, it’s muy importante to be crushing protein on the reg

While the body CAN store carbs & fat, it does NOT store protein, so we gotta be shoving it in our mouth on the daily. Muscles, hormones, organs, tissues, hair, skin – nearly everything in the body requires protein to function properly.

In relation to exercise, protein is especially important as the act of exercise is catabolic: We are purposely stressing the body & breaking down tissue to create adaption.

Potential Signs of Insufficient Protein Intake:
⚡️Difficulty losing weight
⚡️Trouble building lean muscle tissue
⚡️Sluggish metabolism/difficulty maintaining weight
⚡️Joint pain & trouble recovering
⚡️Low energy or fatigue
⚡️Blood sugar issues
⚡️Poor sleep
⚡️Brain fog or difficulty concentrating
⚡️High cholesterol/triglycerides

A good rule of thumb? If you ain’t weighing & measuring – you probablyy aren’t eating as much as ya think you are (; Especially for females or vegetarian clients, it’s not uncommon to food logs averaging 40-80g of protein (whoops!)

Needs vary, but you should likely be somewhere in the neck of the woods of either bodyweight or target BW in grams of protein.

Example of Protein Goals:
5’3 130# lean female -> 120-130g daily
Reversely, a 5’3 160# female -> 110-130g
(Again, mileage may vary depending on the job, gym habits, etc)

Ability to synthesize protein DECLINES as we age, so don’t be afraid to adjust up goals accordingly. Males can also synthesize protein a little more efficiently than their female counterparts.

Red meat actually has the BEST amino acid profile. Reversely, chicken breast is relatively inflammatory & high in omega-6 fats. Constantly vary meats & aim to get in red meat at least 1x a day. Cholesterol is a precursor for hormone health, so make sure to get in eggs, salmon, etc on the reg.

PS: Cheap meat is typically riddled with antibiotics, hormones, etc. Budget permitting, invest & buy grass-fed beef, organic chicken breast, wild-caught seafood, cage-free eggs, etc etc. If budget is tight, stick to leaner cuts!

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