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Tweaking nutrition & seeking healthier lifestyle changes can seem overwhelming AF to the nutrition newbie. So it makes sense that when looking to make changes and improvements, we’re always looking for the smallest changes that will elicit the biggest ROI and biggest bang for our buck.

Time and time again, this comes down to eating enough protein. Usual tried-and-true rule of thumb is that if we’re not tracking, we’re probablyyy not crushing enough. Unfortunately, vegetarians & ladies tend to be the biggest offenders of not ‘getting it in’

How Much Protein Do I Need?
⚡️Mileage may vary, but around bodyweight or target bw in grams is a good start.
Ex: 5’9, 170 lb lean male = 170g of protein. 5’9 230 lb male might shoot for 150-175g

If we’re crushing 50g on average rn & realistically need around 180, probablyyyy shouldn’t go 0 to 180 real quick. Consider 100g for 1-2 weeks, then 120g, 140g, etc as time goes on.

Digestive Woes?
⚡️Are we actually chewing our food? 25-30 chews per bite and put down fork between bites
⚡️It’s not uncommon to not produce enough stomach acid. Consider digestive enzymes that also contain HCl (@thorneresearch bio-gest) and see if that helps
⚡️Whey intolerance is mega common. Strive for a grass-fed formula w minimal ingredients. Alternatively, skip the shakes and just eat mo’ meat

Need Help Channeling Your Inner Bobby Flay?
⚡️Crockpot Them Chickens (Bust out the Crockpot or InstaPot, drizzle in some olive oil & balsamic vinegar, toss in meat, slow cook for 4-5 hours, drain liquid, pull & shred meat, toss in favorite BBQ sauce)
⚡️Saute That Ground Good Good (Heat stove to medium, grease pan w coco oil, add ground bison, beef, or turkey, season w garlic & onion powder, Himalayan salt, @traderjoes BBQ espresso rub, & coconut aminos. Cook 8-10 minutes until no pink is visible and then drain any excess liquid.

Love these types of nutrition guides? My ebook (The Badass Nutrition Guide) is the ULTIMATE guide to your BEST you & has 125 pages of nutritional education, macro cheat sheets, information on how much to eat, tips on fat loss, deets on hormones, guides on cooking, macros, & SO much more!

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