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Protein is arguably the MOST IMPORTANT macro that’s also somehow also VERY under appreciated (females, we’re looking at you!). We always like to make the statement that if we are not weighing, measuring, & tracking our protein intake, we probably are not eating nearly enough.

The act of training and exercising is catabolic: We are literally breaking down tissue in an attempt to create adaptation.

In English? Bicep curls don’t do shit if we’re hopping off the gainz train by slacking on protein intake.

Best suggestion? Strive for bodyweight or target body weight in grams of protein.
For ex: 5’3 130 lb & fairly lean, crush 130g of protein – If 5’3 & 150 lbs, aim for 120-130g.

Males seem to be able to synthesize protein more efficiently than their female counterparts, so we could elect to go 1.1 or 1.2x bodyweight. Probably not much need to go much a ton above that, though mileage may vary if prepping for some sort of bodybuilding/physique show.

It’s also important to note that our ability to synthesize protein DECLINES as we AGE, so don’t be afraid to adjust up goals a little accordingly. For example, if someone was 5’3, 130 lbs, and 42 years old – maybe aim for 140 or 145g of protein

Cheap meat is typically ridden in antibiotics, hormones, and other junk. Strive for grassfed-beef, organic chicken, pastured eggs, and wild caught sea food as much as possible. If money is tight, try to purchase leaner cuts of meat. Animals (and humans) tend to store toxins in their fat, so shoot for chicken breast over chicken thighs, buy the leanest ground beef you see at the store, trim the fat off your pork chops, etc etc

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