Publix Food Guide (For Those Who Hate Cooking)

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Time is money – continuing the series of food guides for people who don’t love cooking or who don’t desire spending hours slaving to meal prep.

While you could certainly spring for microwave meals, I still don’t know that I’d want to touch things like a Lean Cuisines in 2020, even though they’ve come a long way over the years.⁣

As tempting as it might be to nuke your minimal-prep proteins, invest the extra few minutes to pop in the oven or air fryer. ⁣

Don’t forget to season copiously with spices (pink salt, onion powder, garlic powder – at minimum), and have dipping sauces or dressings on hand. ⁣

Primal Kitchen, Tessamaes, and Siete Foods are always stocked in our kitchen (:⁣

Fruit is an easy staple to keep on hand. If you hate cutting fruit, stick to varieties that just need a rinse when you get home: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, etc.⁣

When it comes to getting in your veggies (reminder: a great goal is 1-2 cups at every meal), we’re a biiiig fan of steamable bags. If they’re overly squishy, you cooked them too long.⁣ Doctor with a bit of olive/avocado oil + spices and you’re golden.⁣

When it comes to everything else you might be putting in your cart, just really watch those ingredient lists. ⁣Ingredient list should be short (ideally less than 10-15 items) and mostly real, whole foods or spices.⁣

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