Putting the Badass Back in Breakfast

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Aww yiss, Adam Von Rothfelder‘s fave topic: How to properly “Break the Fast” & put the “Badass” back in Breakfast!

While intermittent fasting may have limited applications for those who love glycolytic exercise (CrossFit, Spin, Orange Theory, etc) – Each & every person still ends up doing a small fast on the daily

When do you ask? Every night while we sleep! (If you’re unfamiliar, “fasting” = abstaining from food/drinks for a period of time)

HOW we break the fast is super important, however (hint: prob shouldn’t be with oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, foo-foo coffee, donuts, energy drinks.. Aka heaps of sugar & things that are going to swing blood sugar to weird places)

Keeping blood sugar balanced is for good health, body composition, & happy hormones!

Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to use food for energy or store it for future use. It acts as a moderator to keep blood sugar balanced. When we eat food, blood sugar levels rise. Insulin is released & signals cells to absorb glucose from our bloodstream. Blood sugar levels slide back down, & everything is kosher

But if we’re constantly inhaling donuts & sugary bullshit coffee, we’re repeatedly spiking blood sugar. Cells become overwhelmed over time & blood sugar stays elevated. More & more insulin has to be pumped out to get glucose into cells & over time ➡️ insulin resistance

In English: Don’t eat like an a-hole. We want meals to be balanced & contain a protein, carb, fat, veggie, & fiber!

Start your day with an imbalanced meal (or no meal at all) & you’ll likely be riding the blood sugar rollercoaster all day & more tempted to inhale dumb shit later in the day.

Feed regularly & responsibly, you’ll probably find it’s a lot easier to adult & make good food decisions.

Breakfast Ideas:
⚡️Eggs(p+f) + avo(f) + potatoes(c) + broccoli(v)
⚡️Ground bison(p +f) + veggie medley(v) + oats(c)
⚡️Beef (p+f) + sweet pot hash (c) + bacon (f) + spinach & peppers (v)
⚡️Green smoothie w protein powder (p) + nut butter, avocado(f) + green stuff + lil fruit(c)

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