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Red meat is bae. Red meat is delicious, has the best amino acid profile of any protein, & is a fantastic source of iron. We would love to see people crush red meat 1x/day (if not more) for those reasons.

People always seem to gravitate to chicken as a primary protein source because its high in protein & low in fat. But chicken ALSO has one of the highest omega-6 fatty acid makeups (which isn’t good. Historically people tend to be super high in omega-6 fatty acids & not consume enough omega-3s, so we’re basically a walking inflammation nation).

Not to say that chicken is bad, but again, this is where diet diversity and switching things up becomes apparently important. Don’t have much fat to spare? Spring for the super lean beef or bison – you’ll pay a dollar or two more, but it’s practically the same macros as ground turkey or chicken but way better taste and nutrition.

Re @drbenhouse: “You need iron to make 5-HTP the precursor for serotonin. 1 in 6 Americans have diagnosed depression & there are more prescriptions written for SSRIs in the US than people to take them. 80-90% of serotonin is manufactured in the gut & around 70% of our immune system is located in the GI tract. So iron deficiency, GI distress, & immune activation could be an underlying cause of depression”. Eat your red meat people

Make sure to invest your dollars in quality sources. There was a headline about a toppled semi truck not too long ago- It was full of Skittles (yes, the candy) that were headed to feed conventional cows. If you want to eat Skittle cows, totallllly up to you – But probably better to stick with happy (healthy) grass-fed cows.

Grilled steak is awesome. But more often than not, we’re lazyAF and just buy ground meat to sauté because it’s quick & easy.

On Today’s Edition of Sauté That Shizz:
1. Heat pan to med-high
2. Throw in organic/grass-fed ground meat of choice
3. Season generously with Himalayan Pink Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, & Trader Joe’s BBQ Espresso Rub
4. Use a spatula to break up meat & ensure even cooking
5. Cook 7-10 min or until no visible pink
6. Drain/ dispose of excess fat
7. Pat yourself on the back – Basically Top Chef material!

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