What Happens to the Scale When I Drink?

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Macros & better nutrition habits are all fun and games.. until we want to be a “normal person” and do “normal people things” like be social & enjoy bubbly adult beverages. They say we shouldn’t do anything we couldn’t do forever, so safe to say we should run like mad from any program, template, or coach that says “lol, no drinks allowed.”

Sustainability and flexibility are the names of the game! The more we understand how alcohol affects us, the better game plan we can formulate to enjoy ourselves on occasion while still effectively working towards goals.

Think of alcohol as the “anti-fiber” of the body. Fiber helps keep things moving smoothly & appropriately in the body, where alcohol slows down metabolism & normal processes become interrupted (as the body puts alcohol metabolism as top priority)

Worth noting that the body may not metabolize protein/carbs/fat in the presence of booze – so try to keep food and alcohol separate, if possible.

As demonstrated by the infographic above, the scale tends to be predictable: Anecdotally,  we see that if someone drinks on a Saturday, they’ll typically wake up lighter the next day (due to dehydration, throwing up, etc), & then potentially weigh heavier the following 2-3 days. Then the scale typically resumes normal activity

(See why it can be a total nightmare if you’re drinking multiple times a week or drinking while trying to also lose body fat? The scale would be chronically bouncing all over the place!)

How drastic of a fluctuation we see is not only dependent on what we drink & how much we drink, but also definitely related to our food choices when we drink. Cuz let’s face it: Nobody goes, “Mann, I’d really love to be a rabbit and smash a healthy, leafy salad with my beer” – It tends to be heavy & calorically-dense foods we gravitate to

Tips on Optimizing Drinking Occasions:

⚡️Try to crush a good workout that morning

⚡️Set a limit on drinks *PRIOR* to going out – 1 or 2 should be plenty!

⚡️Limit drinking to 1x/wk (understand during dedicated fat loss stages, that alcohol should be minimized as much as possible)

⚡️Keep breakfast & lunch protein/veggie-intensive so we ‘free up’ a little macro cushion for later in the day (you know, just in case you get white girl wasted and find yourself cuddling with pizza at 2 am)

⚡️Choose high-quality drinks and skip the sugary margaritas mixed drinks

⚡️Got goals on the line? Skip the booze altogether and sip on La Croix, Zevia, or Kombucha. If at a bar, ask the bartender for club soda & a lime (no one will know you’re not drinking them on boozing!)

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