Shrugged Collective: Testosterone, Sex Hormones & Hormonal Health w/ Laurie Christine King  — Real Chalk #46

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In this (hilarious) episode with @ryanfisch & @shruggedcollective, we talk extensively on both men AND women’s hormone health and cover topics including low testosterone, gynecomastia, testosterone therapy, and how to naturally improve hormones. We then flip the script for the ladies and talk all about women’s health and something that may be tanking your sex drive, causing thyroid issues, keeping you from seeing gains in the gym, losing fat, or having the body composition you want.

⚡️6:00 Testosterone

⚡️7:00 Gynecomastia

⚡️14:00 Shift work & new parents

⚡️17:00 Symptoms of low testosterone

⚡️20:30 Lab testing for low T

⚡️26:00 Are you eating enough?

⚡️27:00 Naturally improving hormones

⚡️37:00 Cortisol

⚡️45:00 What is and is not normal with menstrual cycles

⚡️47:00 Why it’s scary to not have a menstrual cycle

⚡️50:00 Hormonal birth control & hypothyroidism connection

⚡️52:00 Potential symptoms as a result of HBC use

⚡️53:00 Sex Drive

⚡️55:00  IUDs & comparison of various hormonal birth control options

⚡️57:00 When you can get pregnant, effective natural pregnancy prevention

⚡️1:00:00 Hormonal imbalance & why HBC is doctor-prescribed hormonal imbalance

⚡️1:04:00 Post-birth control syndrome

⚡️1:05:00 Educational resources on women’s health

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