Signs of a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

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Painful cramps, heavy bleeding, & bad mood swings may be common, but they aren’t normal.⁣ Our period is monthly feedback on how our body is responding to our nutrition, exercise, environment, and overall lifestyle. ⁣

Relatively symptomless cycles? The ultimate feedback we’re crushing life. ⁣But we could absolutely be crushing great habits and still be suffering symptoms, so helping detect underlying issues is key!⁣

Our cycle should be 21-35 days long.⁣
• 35 days+? Totally common when we’re younger (due to lower FSH levels).⁣
• Longer cycles might indicate thyroid issues, nutrient deficiencies, anovulatory cycles, elevations in prolactin, or issues like Endometriosis/Adenomyosis.⁣

Cycle less than 21 days?
• May be related to anovulatory cycles or low hormone levels. Cycles may get sporadic as we hedge closer towards menopause.⁣

Our menstrual bleed should last about 3-7 days.⁣
• No bleed at all, or on the shorter side? May indicate low hormone levels, under-eating, over-exercising, nutrient deficiencies, thyroid issues.⁣

• Bleeding 7+ days? May indicate high estrogen, thyroid issues, fibroids, polyps, Endo/Adenomyosis. May also be a side effect of certain hormonal birth controls or IUDs.⁣

We should lose about 30-50mL of blood:⁣
• Regular tampon = 5 mL, super = 10 mL. Menstrual cups = 30 mL. If we’re having to change products every 1-2 hrs, this is worth paying attention to. ⁣
• Greater than 50 mL might indicate high estrogen, thyroid issues, fibroids, polyps, Endometriosis, or Adenomyosis. Sometimes also a side effect of hormonal birth control / IUD.⁣

Bleeds should be mostly clot-free.⁣
• Appearance similar to crushed blueberries or clots bigger than a quarter? May be a sign of high estrogen, anovulatory cycles, low progesterone, fibroids, ovarian cysts, Endometriosis, or Adenomyosis.⁣

Experiencing a plethora of symptoms, massive weight fluctuations, severe changes to mood, super painful cramps, nausea or vomiting? ⁣Might be clues to work closely with a doctor dive into nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, environment, and blood work. ⁣Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden would be a helpful read as well ♥️⁣


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