Signs You Need More Fat & Protein


Coming up short on fat and protein is a surefire way to feel like poo poo all the time. But don’t worry, I’m here to tell you all the sneaky signs you need more fat and protein. You might think some of these things are just “normal,” but we def shouldn’t be feeling these symptoms if we’re fueling our bodies effectively.

Signs You Need More Fat
  • Your skin is super dry, flaky, or scaly
  • You’re experiencing bad hair loss
  • You always feel hungry (or never feel full after meals)
  • You lost your period, have irregular periods, or are struggling with low hormone levels
  • You’re frequently getting sick or catching a cold
  • Your joints are always achy and bothersome
  • You constantly feel tired, rundown, and exhausted
  • You regularly experience brain fog + trouble concentrating
  • You’re suddenly struggling with depression and/or anxiety

If I had a penny for every time a client hired me who was struggling with their hormones and was ALSO eating super low fat, I’d be a real rich witch.

Basically, the TLDR is that healthy fats make the world go round if you want good skin, healthy hair, and happy hormones. Fats are also just freaking delicious, so there’s that, too.

Whole eggs, chicken thighs, ground beef, ground bison, steak, avocados, dark chocolate, olive oil, avocado oil, nuts, nut butter, seeds, full-fat yogurt, full-fat milk… tons of ways to get it done!

Current Fat Recommendations:
0.7-2.2 g/kg
(0.32 – 1.0 grams per lb body weight)

These minimums are a lil weak for my personal preference, especially as someone who works with active individuals who love working out. An easier and better rule of thumb might be to aim for a minimum of something like ~20-25% of calories from fats.

Signs You Need More Protein
  • You’re having trouble building muscle OR losing muscle mass
  • You’re not seeing progress in the gym or new personal records
  • Your hair is thinning or falling out, dry skin, brittle nails
  • You always feel hungry, never feel full after meals, and/or you regularly crave carbs and sugar
  • You’re constantly tired, have no energy, and feel weak during your workouts
  • You’re experiencing unusual fluid retention and edema
  • You’re constantly sick or injured, and cuts and wounds seem to take a long time to heal
  • You’re having trouble concentrating and feeling more moody or anxious lately

If you’re not weighing and tracking your food, the likelihood that you’re bringing weak meat energy and averaging something like ~40-60 grams of protein per day is unfortunately pretty high… Which does not bring muscle gains, awesome body comp, or fitness PRs to the yard.

Listen: ain’t nobody got time to be having 2 eggs at breakfast or 2-3 ounces of meat at each meal.

Understanding that current protein recommendations for active individuals wishing to gain muscle are ~0.7-1.0 grams of protein per pound bodyweight (ex: a 130 lb person would aim for something like 90-130 grams of protein daily).

The reality is that most females will likely find themselves needing to get something like ~4-6 ounces of meat at each meal, while fellas are historically taller and may need something more like ~6-8 ounces of meat at each meal to hit their goals.

You may ALSO need to have a high-protein snack 1-2 times per day (ex: hard-boiled eggs, jerky, high-protein oatmeal, high-protein cereal, etc) to make the magic happen.

If you don’t do meat, it would be super helpful if you’re able to do things like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and seafood. A scoop or two of protein powder will go a long way as well (:

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