Sleep Your Way to Better Gym Performance & Body Composition

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To quote Robb Wolf‘s Wired to Eat, “Want to lose muscle and gain fat? Don’t sleep!”

When it comes to performance or body comp goals, a lot of people are stressing over the “dollar bills”, & ignoring the “hundred dollar bills.”

Sleeping is one of the most potent & underutilized advantages out there when it comes to crushing PRs, building muscle, & having a great body composition – it’s also FREE yet no one does it

Sleep Facts:
⚡️We should be sleeping 8-9 hours a day
⚡️We should experience dreams when we sleep (on a regular basis)
⚡️We should probably NOT be working out on any day that you slept less than 7 hours
⚡️We don’t get to complain about body composition or lack of weight loss if we ain’t logging 8 hours of zzz’s daily

I’m going to repeat that last one: We don’t get to complain about body comp or lack of weight loss progress if we aren’t sleeping 8 hours a night. Go to freakin bed.

Chronically Living in a Sleep Deficit May:
⚡️Increase food cravings
⚡️Increase inflammation in the body
⚡️Impair cognitive & immune function
⚡️Impair digestion & the gut
⚡️Impair hormone balance
⚡️Impair tolerance for carbohydrates (I really want to be insulin resistant, said no one ever)

How to Sleep Your Way to Better Gym Performance & Body Composition:
⚡️Get more (vitamin) D in your life
⚡️Eat enough food (calorie deficit = poor sleep)
⚡️Minimize caffeine, & cut-off consumption after 12pm
⚡️Invest in a good mattress (@performasleep FTW)
⚡️Blue light from phones/TVs/computers block melatonin, so NO electronics *2 hrs* before bed
⚡️Stuck late at work? Download f.lux to your computer & utilize night mode on cell phones
⚡️Invest in a pair of ‘blue-light blocking shades’- we love @felixgrays
⚡️Turn down the thermostat & keep your bedroom cool
⚡️Make sure the house is silent (no running appliances, tv, etc)
⚡️Make sure your bedroom is pitch black (sleep mask, blackout curtains)
⚡️No animals in the bedroom (kick out the furry ones)

Remember kids: “7 hours of sleep or you don’t get to train”. Go to bed or get outta the gym!

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